Richard takes a different approach to teaching the game of hockey than most camp and clinic providers because of his own experience in youth hockey. He grew up in Kalamazoo, MI as the son of Wings Stadium rink manager where many future NHL players made their professional debut. Richard benefited from extra ice time, but what really made the difference was the exposure to all of the young pros working their way up to seasoned professionals.

Richard received extensive mentoring and insight on all aspects of hockey. This guidance and the commitment to hard work earned him a scholarship to play hockey at Michigan State University and then become the first professional hockey player from Kalamazoo.

Richard realizes that it was the environment that allowed him to excel and is committed to recreating that same comprehensive solution for youth players as part of KIIH. KIIH provides mentoring and guidance in conjunction with camps and clinics for players interested in development over a long term relationship.  



KIIH’s slogan, Live the Life, is the cornerstone of KIIH hockey. KIIH is more than just hockey, it’s a lifestyle. We believe becoming successful in hockey is more than just developing talent, it is more important to learn the processes that make a player talented, rather than the talent by itself.  It is this comprehensive approach that will help your hockey player stand out from the competition.  

Richard believes that it’s the positive relationship between player, family, and coach that makes a safe, trusting environment for learning. KIIH is dedicated to providing a caring environment to make sure that your child can skate, stickhandle and score, as well as improve the overall well-being of the player, his/or her family and their situation as it pertains to hockey and more importantly…life.

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